Who Is This Copywriting Butler Anyway?

Right about now you are probably asking yourself that very question…and also wondering why you should trust and hire me.

These are good points!

Here are a few of my credentials to ease your mind:

My name is Christine Butler and I am the founder and CEO of Copy She Wrote, LLC  and I am the author of this website, TheButlerWroteIt.com.

My Education

I have extensive copywriting training from American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI), a premier copywriting training company that prides itself in providing proven programs which teach tested techniques and skills in the art of writing excellent copy and content.

I am a certified Web Content Specialist and Web Content Expert.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Puget Sound and I also held my residential real estate license for four years.

My Experience

I have 27 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry where many of my jobs required technical and non-technical writing including writing testimony.

I am excellent in building business relationships. In several instances in my career, I was appointed to a particular position to improve relationships with other departments or organizations to increase cooperation and thus productivity between the groups. I am experienced in mediating successful resolutions between opposing points of view between various departments. I get along with people and help them get along with each other toward a common goal.

I build loyalty and trust with my clients and I help my clients build loyalty and trust with their customers.

I have experience in:

  • Writing web content
  • Constructing landing pages
  • Authoring auto-responders
  • Formulating email ads
  • Creating websites
  • Designing brochures
  • Providing promotional material
  • Composing eulogies
  • Managing complex projects
  • Performing website audits
  • Completing exhaustive research

I enjoy writing for clients but I also enjoy writing about some of my other interests such as pets, RVing, golf, bowling, and photography.

I am highly motivated, organized, and conscientious and I enjoy working with people. I have a great sense of humor and am a good communicator.

I belong to the following business organizations:

  • Wealthy Web Writer
  • Professional Writer’s Association
  • AWAI Circle of Success
  • Web Writer Elite
  • National Association for Professional Women


My writing style is very casual and conversational, however, if necessary I can formalize it. I like speaking directly to prospects and in fact enjoy building relationships with them. That’s what makes my copywriting and therefore you successful.

The next step is for you to contact me for a discussion of your needs and we’ll see if The Butler is what you need.

This Butler is at your copywriting service!