Attitude Counts

Hi there. The Copywriting Butler here again with some more insights on improving business relationships. If you want to laugh really hard, get yourself a copy of Shawna Schuh’s CD set called Relational Results. Shawna is a Certified Professional Speaker and has a great way of telling stories to get her point across. She uses humor throughout the program and yet you learn a lot about every day occurrences and the impacts they can have on your client interactions.

One of the stories she tells is about getting slimed. Now if you are from the Pacific Northwest, you have a head start on what this story is about…slugs! I mean big, fat, juicy, slimy slugs! She tells the story about how she starts a beautiful day filled with great expectations only to have a physical encounter with a slug. She describes her reaction to the situation and how it ruined the moment of this fine day that was originally filled with great hope.

But her point is that we all have choices in life and one of the major things we have choices about is our reaction to situations and how we let it impact our attitude. After the initial shock of being slimed, she picks herself up, puts a smile on her face and proceeds to get back to the earlier momentum she had toward a beautiful, successful day.

It’s all about attitude. You can choose how to react to situations and when dealing with clients, your reaction can have a major effect on your relationship with that client. Let a crummy incident, like getting slimed, turn you into a grump for the rest of the day and treat clients you encounter with that attitude or you can make the choice to turn it into a humorous story and use it to your advantage by making your client laugh. It’s your choice!


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