Honesty is the Best Policy

Ever have a client ask you a question… and you don’t know the answer? I have many times and it can be embarrassing, since you are supposed to be the expert in your field. But there is one word that can turn this situation into a positive experience with your customer.  Honesty!

There is never a time when you should lie to a customer and tell him you know something when in fact you don’t. Your client will have far more respect for you if you are honest and come right out and tell him the truth. All you have to do is say, “you know, that’s a good question and I don’t know the answer to it. But let me find out for you and I’ll get back to you right away.”

Of course this means you must go find the answer and then, in fact, follow up as soon as you can. You will make the customer happy by providing the information and, in a way, you’ll look like a hero because you cared enough about this person to go the extra step, instead of making him find the answer to his own question.

Honesty will always work to your advantage and will help build the trust that you want to have with your client. Down the road, when the client has choices as to who to go to for something, he will remember how honest you were… you were willing to admit that you didn’t know everything…you were willing to work to find an answer…and you got back to him with an answer in a reasonable amount of time. This is a very important step to building loyalty with your client and improving your relationship with him. Just be up front and honest.


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