It’s All About Attitude

While watching the last day of this year’s British Open, one of the announcers, and I apologize for not remembering who it was nor who he was quoting from, but he said this: “Don’t let golf determine your attitude, rather let your attitude determine your golf.” Being a golfer myself and watching other golfers’ reactions to bad shots and unlucky bounces, I’ve seen a lot of bad attitudes on the course. I’ve witnessed everything from cursing a blue streak to throwing clubs, to total silence. It’s not a pretty sight and if continued throughout the whole 18 holes, it can be annoying to other players. It can go so far as to influence their game as well.

When I heard this saying, it came to me that the same thing can be applied to life in general and how you approach it.So don’t let the game of life determine your attitude, take control of your attitude yourself and your life will most likely reflect the new outlook.

Today’s food for thought! Have a great week.

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