What is the 100/0 Principle?

Have you ever heard of the 100/0 Principle? It’s a wonderful concept.

I’m just finishing a great book by Al Ritter called, The 100/0 Principle, The Secret Of Great Relationships. In the book, he describes how giving 100 percent to a relationship and expecting nothing in return is “the simplest, most direct and most effective way to create solid relationships.” Those are his words.

If you are looking to improve the relationships you have with your clients, I highly recommend this book. It’s not terribly long, but extremely powerful. He suggests that you treat everyone that is important to you this same way, whether you think they deserve it or not. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but it is very effective.

Try it. Go up to someone that normally irritates you and be very, very nice and helpful to him or her. You may get a strange look in the beginning, but don’t be surprised if you get treated the same way in return. It really works.


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