Why 212°

“At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils.

And with boiling water; comes steam.

And steam can power a locomotive.”

The above quote came from a book I just read by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson from Simple Truths. While reading it, it really resonated with me.

Why did it strike a chord with me at this point in my life? Well, like many people, one of my New Years Resolutions was to start working out and to lose weight. I’ve had this resolution many times before, but this time I’m bound and determined to do it.

So I signed up with Personal Training Institute  in my neighborhood and started working out three times a week. I’ve been very loyal so far, missing only once because I wasn’t feeling up to par. So I’m pretty proud of myself at this point.

The trainers there are very good and very persistent. As much as I try to talk them out of a certain exercise or try to cut things short, they are always there saying “come on, one more, you can do it, one more, come on, come on, KEEP TRYING, you can do it!!!!”

 So I do it! I give that one extra push or pull or whatever it takes. They push me to the 212th degree… and after the initial moaning from exhaustion… I really do feel great.

Not only from a physical perspective, but mentally too. I accomplished something. I pushed myself to my limit. I did it!

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you have to go that extra mile, push to the limit, or just do it…whatever cliché you want to use.  If you can’t do it alone, find someone to help you…push you…encourage you.  You can do it! Keep on trying!

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